U ok. I ok.

Girls want to feel confident, secured & comfortable. When they know that they are meeting a genuine gentleman client, they are relaxed and will be oozing with natural gfe.

That will make all the difference between a boring SOP session & an outstanding cannot forget one! Don't you agree?

Sometime got no choice, we need to separate the men from the boys in order to avoid a situation. So that is why for new clients who wants enjoy our service to get themselves verified.

You may do this in one of two ways.

Deposit $100 via ibanking to a designated account in Singapore. You can use this immediately for the booking of the girl you like. For example if the girl you like is $450, transfer 100 and then when you see her just pay the balance 350.

Let us know of your hotel, room number and last name via whatsapp or telegram and we will call to verify. Upon verification we will be 100% at your service!

Easy! :) No need to stress one!